It's a Blockbuster Bash!

Since kicking off the Paparazzi party ten years ago, countless reasons to celebrate have emerged. On any given day, you might find a Consultant celebrating the financial freedom they’ve discovered, the newfound confidence they carry with them, or the friendships that revitalized them. This month, we get to celebrate the fuel that feeds those $5 habits: jewelry! But this is no ordinary jewelry party… it’s a Blockbuster Bash!
Did you know the Blockbuster Collection was launched at the first Paparazzi party we threw? Even as a handful of statement pieces, their impact was indisputable. Since their debut ten years ago, the collection has continued to top our list of bestsellers month after month. Encompassing trademark features of each one of the Paparazzi Collections, the Blockbuster Collection has something for everyone – from the vibrant colors of Kaleidoscopically Captivating to the jaw-dropping features of Global Glamour, these pieces truly have a way of making the lucky wearer feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank.
Think we’d throw a Blockbuster Bash without party favors? Think again! You’ll receive a random selection of FIVE crowd-pleasing pieces from our Blockbuster Collection in every order of 100 PV or more placed this month. Even our newest Consultants can get in on the fun, as we’re including FIVE random Blockbusters in each Small Home Party Starter Kit and Large Home Party Starter Kit purchased in February.


Party on!

Order of 100 PV must be on one single order placed between 12:00 AM ET on February 1, 2021 and 11:59 PM ET on February 28, 2021. Orders cannot be combined to qualify. Orders exceeding 100 PV will not qualify for multiple Blockbuster packs. For example, an order of 200 PV will not qualify for a second Blockbuster pack. However, additional orders of 100 PV each can be placed throughout the month to receive additional Blockbuster packs. Available to Consultants only. Customer/Retail orders do not qualify. Free Blockbusters will be selected at random.
If Consultants choose to sell the free Blockbusters, they should contact their accountant or tax professional concerning the sales/use tax laws in their state.