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let's talk inventory!!


Imagine walking into the grocery store only to discover that there are no groceries in stock. "Don't worry! It'll ship to you in a week," the grocer says. Let's face it, we're impatient people!! You would likely swing by the nearest drive thru and call it a day. 

When it comes to jewelry, people are the same way! The more they see, the more they'll fall in love with, and the more they will buy!!!

The rate at which you build your inventory is entirely up to you, but it has been proven in the Paparazzi business that the larger selection you offer, the bigger your sales will be. 

Turning profits around to build your inventory may sound like a step backward, but growing your inventory results in growing your business and sales!! Let's say you sign up with a $299 Starter Kit. This will get you 120 pieces. If you take the money from selling just 25 pieces ($125), you will be able to purchase 50 new pieces! When these items sell, you'll be able to step back and realize how much a small investment can pay off in the future.


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