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Are you ready for the next chapter of your life to begin?

Your decision today could impact the rest of your life. What would financial freedom mean to you and your family? How could you benefit from the support of uplifting women?
When you join our team/family, you will receive:
  • Attentive Total Support
  • A Website Tutorial
  • Training for Sales
  • Training for Business Recruiting
  • Help in developing your business card, if needed

Become a consultant in 3 easy steps!


Find a consultant


pick a starter kit


start a party!


Find a Consultant

Step 1

Choosing a Sponsor is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your Paparazzi Journey!

When looking for a Consultant to sponsor you, ask yourself these questions:

- Is she easy to contact?

- Is her team constantly growing and becoming the best that they can be?

- Do I admire those in her Up Line?

- Does she have the resources to coach me?

- Does she have my best interest in mind?



Step 2

Pick a Starter Kit


Inventory is EVERYTHING when it comes to selling!! Give your family and friends something to get their hands on when they attend your party!


We currently have three options when choosing a starter kit (Large Home Party Kit, Small Home Party Kit, or Preview Pack).


Your new Paparazzi jewelry starter kit comes filled with actual jewelry for you to sell plus some additional materials to get you started.


Smart business women will typically invest their first profit by adding to their inventory!


Start a Party

Step 3

This is the moment you've been waiting for! It's party time!!!

Host your Launch Party and give your friends, family, and neighbors a chance to claim their favorites!

To learn more about How to Sell, Click Here!

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