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Showing your hostess that you appreciate her is SO important in maintaining quality relationships. There are many ways to host:

  • Home Parties (at their own home or host at mine in Grapevine, TX)

  • Basket Parties

  • LIVE parties (get your own personal shopping link to share)

  • Messenger Parties (get your own messenger party group with your own link)

The best thing to do is keep a smile on your hostess' face by rewarding her for all of her hard work.

we love our hosts!

What gifts should we give?

Although Paparazzi does not directly offer hostess rewards, consultants commonly pass along their free jewelry to hosts. When you order from Paparazzi, you will get 1 piece free with every 10 pieces you order (it may be a current or discontinued item). This means that the 10% free jewelry you earn can easily be passed along to your hostesses as a reward! 

Here's how I reward my hostess:

1 item for hosting

$100 sold = 2 additional pieces

$200 sold = 4 additional pieces

$300 sold = 6 additional pieces

and so on!

show me the math!

What if i'm the hostess?

When I'm hosting a party at my home, I enjoy placing the "Mystery Hostess" game!! Each guest places a name in a bag after purchasing an item. Whomever's name gets drawn at the end of the night will win the hostess rewards! Including this game on your invitations may get more guests to come to your party!!

Be sure to share the perks of being a hostess as much as you can! Remember, the happier you make your host, the more likely she will run another party or pass along the word to her friends!

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