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The only person responsible for your success with Paparazzi Accessories is YOU!!

You are in charge of finding the motivation and work ethic necessary to run a successful business. On days when you'd like to sit at home and relax, you will need to listen to that yearning deep within you to push through and work your business. 

The biggest piece of advice that I can give you is to set a goal!! No matter how big or how small a goal is, accomplishing each one will push you farther in your business and closer to where you want to be.


One of the first goals that I believe each consultant should aim for is to become a Director.

To be a director, you must currently be active and have 3 personally sponsored consultants that are active in the same month. Here's a break down of the steps that you should take to accomplish this goal:

step #1: Visualize your goal


Whether you're a vision board fanatic or a journalist, the first thing you need to do is visualize your goal!! If you're aiming to be a Director, think about what your life will look like with the extra income. Set some dates and personal deadlines to reach so that you can keep yourself on track.

step #2: get the word out

Parties: It's time to spread the joy of Paparazzi!! Start inviting people to some major parties: FB live parties, Christmas parties, Mother's Day parties, Birthday parties, etc.

Get Online: You can also build up a website, blog, or Facebook group to show off your bling to family and friends.

100 List: Another great tip is to make your List of 100!! Think of 100 people that you know and write them down: everyone from babysitters to the nice lady who sits behind you at church.

step #3: get to work

Parties: It's time to work your parties!!! Everyone will LOVE seeing all the goodies that you have to offer.

Online: Start some interaction on your website/blog/FB group. Let everyone know the joys of Paparazzi!

100 List: Remember that list you made? Reach out to everyone and share the bling!! Remember, if you don't talk to anyone, no one will know.

step #4: stick to it

Now that your plan is in motion, keep it up!!! Ignore the rejects, celebrate the wins, and feed off the enthusiasm! Once people begin noticing how gorgeous the accessories are, they'll start coming back for more. When they see how fun selling can be, they'll be willing to host or even become a consultant under you!

step #5: Reach your goal

 If you take every step seriously and really put your mind to achieving each one, you WILL reach your goal!! Remember to always celebrate your baby steps and look back at how far you have come. My team is full of strong women who love watching each other succeed, and they are eager to cheer you on. Lean on us for questions, advice, or just some simple venting! I love watching each of you grow into the best Consultant that you can be.

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