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So you decided to take the leap and join what?!


First off, I'm so proud of you!! This new adventure is full of opportunity, and I can't wait to watch you succeed.

Step #1: Order Jewelry

The first thing you need to do is fill your cart with anything and everything that you LOVE! Log in to your Paparazzi Consultant Back Office and make sure you get a wide variety of options to cover the wide range of style and taste that all of your friends and family have. 

Step #2: Make/Buy Displays

Presentation is everything!! Nothing says unprepared like pulling open some Ziplocks to show off jewelry to potential customers. 

You can find jewelry displays at Arts and Craft stores, or you can become creative! I try to only display one piece of jewelry per hook so that each piece is easy to see. You may choose to sort by color, style, or length.

Step #3: Launch Party

Now is the moment that you've been waiting for!! It's time to show off all the beautiful pieces that you have collected. Open your home to EVERYONE you know! There are many ways to contact friends and family: texts, emails, evites, Facebook events, phone calls, twitter, or even a physical invitation!

When the day of the party arrives, put some balloons on your mailbox to let guests know that they have arrived at the correct place. Display your jewelry at eye level with good lighting that shows off the shimmer of the jewelry! You may want to offer some light snacks and drinks to make your guests feel comfortable, and don't forget to have some change on hand to handle cash payments. Paparazzi has a HUGE selling point of being affordable since everything is $5. Make sure you push this with cute signage around the room!

When guest arrive, greet them at the door and invite them to look around at their own pace. Be sure to bring up the fact that all jewelry is only $5 so they can really stock up!! When guests marvel at the pieces and purchase some items, don't forget to share the opportunity of being a host to them!!

Helpful Tip:

The Color Wheel

Part of your role as a Paparazzi Consultant is helping your customers find their newest favorite accessory. With a little basic color theory, you can offer at least one suggestion every single time! It's all in the powerful simplicity of the color wheel.


The color wheel features the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. It also shows the complementary colors for each: green, purple, and orange (respectively). These tones work flawlessly together to create harmonious designs, beautiful accents, and unforgettable combinations. The best part is, these basic concepts apply to everything: wardrobes, product displays, interior design, and of course, accessories!
Having a hard time remembering which colors complement each other? Just remember these helpful associations:

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