Here at paparazzi, we have several categories to choose from!

Quick facts:

  • No catalogs

  • New releases Monday-Friday

  • Lead and nickel free 

Paparazzi Blockbusters

Paparazzi Blockbusters are highly popular pieces that tend to be intricate. Blockbusters are the exception in Paparazzi to the “limited quantity.” These pieces have proven to be popular pieces and top sellers, so they are restocked after they sell out. If Paparazzi decides to remove a Blockbuster piece, there is an announcement! Additionally, there is an option to select and view a Blockbusters only section when you are shopping in your back office or when a customer is shopping on your Paparazzi website.

Paparazzi Hair Accessories

Our Hair Clips are a must for anyone looking to add a little flare to their style!! These are multi-purpose clips. They include a clip for styling your hair along with a pin that can be attached to other items like a shirt, purse, or backpack.

Paparazzi Rings

What better way to add some bling to your outfit than throwing on a trendy ring?! These will make your manicure pop and make any outfit look put together!

Paparazzi Bracelets

There are many styles of Paparazzi Bracelets to add to your inventory with the most popular ones being: cuff, clasp, and stretchy band. The cuff bracelet can be simply pushed onto your wrist. It can be worn loose or it can be squeezed for a tighter fit. The clasp bracelet closes with a simple clasp. The stretchy band bracelet is made with an elastic type of band. It stretches around your hand then rests on your wrist.

Men's Jewelry

We have all the men covered with our amazing Men's Line! This was announced at Convention 2019. The tags are silver and black instead of pink and black, and the snaps are larger.

Paparazzi Necklaces

Necklaces are our most diverse category! From clasps, to ribbons, to over the head, there's a necklace out there for everyone. As an added bonus, most Paparazzi Necklaces come with a pair of matching earrings (Yes, all for $5!)

Paparazzi Uniquely Urban

This relatively new line is perfect for both men and women! It has a rugged look with a leather-like feel.

Paparazzi Sparkle on Repeat

If you are a BLING girl, this is for you!!

Paparazzi Earrings

If you love earrings, you've come to the right place!! From long earrings to short earrings and from big to dainty, there's a perfect match for all jewelry fanatics. All earrings come in a "fish hook" style, and there are even some clip-on options available!