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#PaparazziBREAKOUT Challenge

It’s no secret that spring comes with a rush of new energy, and at Paparazzi this change in seasons translates to record-breaking milestones, unstoppable momentum, and a collection of hot new accessories to match.

This is the season where we finally get to shake off the winter fog and open our eyes to a fresh new perspective — a time to break out of the comfort of hibernation and stagnation of complacency and decide that we’re no longer comfortable settling for the status quo. Spring is a season made for a breakout!
In order to achieve something new, you have to be willing to try something new, which is why this month we’re extending the #PaparazziBREAKOUT Challenge. Through daily challenges, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to stretch yourself beyond your limits and break out of your comfort zone.

Whether it’s going LIVE to share your Paparazzi story, showing your followers your take on one of the Paparazzi Collections, or giving a shoutout to a Paparazzi Consultant who inspires you, there is sure to be a #PaparazziBREAKOUT challenge that will push you to new heights.
Are you ready to break out? Step out of your comfort zone and join us for the #PaparazziBREAKOUT Challenge happening this month. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download your official #PaparazziBREAKOUT calendar, HERE.

  2. Complete each daily challenge and make sure to include the #PaparazziBREAKOUT hashtag in your social media post.

  3. Every completed challenge is a chance to win one of our daily prizes. We’ll draw five winners every Friday throughout the month, beginning on April 9th. 

Are you ready for a #PaparazziBREAKOUT? Commit to completing the challenge each day and get ready to have a breakthrough all your own. Stop playing small, Paparazzi. You were born to BREAKOUT!

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