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Need help becoming a fashion expert?

There's no need to panic when a customer comes to you for fashion advice!! If you need help matching jewelry, Paparazzi has you covered!

Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix is made up of Five Trend Blends. These blends contain 4 coordinating pieces of jewelry and accessories. This takes out the guess work when pairing pieces together for a display!

The Fashion Fix features NEW designs and styles each month!! You will always have access to the latest trends, styles, and looks.

There are 5 categories of Fashion Fix: Simply Santa Fe Collection, Sunset Sightings Collection, Glimpses of Malibu Collection, Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection, and Magnificent Musings Collection.


When you subscribe to Fashion Fix as a Consultant, you'll receive 25 brand new pieces of Paparazzi jewelry delivered right to your door each month! This consists of 5 sets of 4 pieces plus 5 exclusive pieces that will NOT come out in those colors again! You will also receive 4 Hostess Rewards, and the Fashion Fix counts toward your active status for the month with 50PV attached to each order! Fashion Fix auto-drafts from your bank account on the 20th of every month. Your box is shipped to you, and you can do preorder sales or sell the ones you have on hand. They become available to order on the 4th of the following month at 11pm.

Fashion Fix is a great sales tool. It will keep your style up to date and make sure that you're staying on top of the current fashion.

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