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Paparazzi facebook live parties

Check out my recent FB Live Video!




Facebook pages are GREAT for getting the word out about your business.

Facebook pages allow you to reach a large audience.

Facebook pages can be viewed by anyone (even those without a FB account)

Business Focused:


Using Facebook Live is the most popular way to sell Paparazzi jewelry because getting in front of a camera is a great way to show off your passion for the products! 

Let the jewelry glisten as your family and friends realize just how amazing of a deal you're offering. It's natural to feel hesitant at first, but you'll come to realize that the people on your FB friends list truly want to see you succeed.

Step #1 

Decide how many pieces of jewelry you would like to sell. Speaking from experience, the more jewelry you show the more profit you will make!

Step #2

Set up a tripod to hold your phone for the live video and organize your jewelry in an appealing way. Be sure to add numbered stickers or tags to make the selling process easier.

Step #3

Get cute! Your friends and family will take your fashion advice seriously if you're looking your best. 

Step #4

Go live!! Be sure to write a description at the top of your video to catch people's attention as they scroll through their timeline.

Step #5

Welcome each person who comes on and try to interact with them! Let your viewers know how the party works. Explain that purchasing a piece of jewelry is as easy as commenting "sold" with the number of the product in the comment section. The first to comment gets it! Have them message you their mailing address and email on Facebook messenger so you can get it to them as soon as their invoice is paid.

Step #6

Take advantage of this Team Building opportunity!! Show your friends and family how much fun you're having while also earning an extra income. You can also explain that hosting=free jewelry!





Facebook groups are GREAT for getting customers involved and excited about the products.

Facebook groups allow you to make your VIP customers feel special.

Facebook groups can help you limit your audience.

Customer Focused:


Everyone LOVES an online party, but what are some other options?


Cash and Carry:

 When you order $100 or more worth of inventory, you get to take advantage of FREE shipping! You can then offer jewelry to your local customers and friends while saving shipping costs. Once you sell the Jewelry, you can easily put the money back into the cycle and continue growing! These orders also count towards your PV (Personal Volume). It will go towards your monthly sales goals for promotions!!


Local Events: 

Whether it be a church function, volleyball game, or school fundraiser, there are always opportunities to reach out and meet new people! Browse Facebook for some local vendor event groups, and you're sure to find some great opportunities.

Salons, Boutiques, Businesses: 

Try asking a local business if they will allow you to set up a little table in their store. You could even offer 10-15% of your profits in cash if they allow you to use the space! This is also a great way to recruit-let people see the cash coming in!

Home Parties:

Are you the type of person who enjoys walking around Target and touching everything you can get your hands on?! A home party is perfect for those who enjoy trying before buying. A simple Open House with a cute set-up can lead to HUGE sales! Have a few friends come and browse as they please. Home Parties can be a stop n shop party or come and go. There's no need to worry about memorizing a presentation!


Nursing Homes: 

Everyone loves a grandma with some bling! You can reach out to different retirement homes in your area and inquire about setting up a shop for the residents.


Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Periscope, etc: 

We live in a social media world, and that makes selling so much simpler! Try vamping up your timeline by showing off the gorgeous products. You could even feature some customers sporting their new bling!


Basket Parties:  

Try making up a bag full of jewelry for a friend. They can then show off the products to their loved ones!



Bloggers make great Influencers. Reach out to your favorite blog, offer some free products, and ask them to leave an honest review! Chances are, they will love the idea and you'll get some business coming your way.



Donate your commission, gain PV, expand your circle and feel good about giving!!!


Which method are you looking forward to using?

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