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Spring Trends

Lesson #1: Casual Business

The Clothes: Oversized, Colorful, Comfortable
Say goodbye to stuffy suits and tightly tailored workwear! Have some fun with Casual Business outfits. My favorites this spring are oversized button-ups and dramatic puff sleeves. Pair some sneakers with your oversized pantsuit or heels with your boyfriend jeans, and you're good to go!
The Jewelry: Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection and Magnificent Musings Collection

Our Magnificent Musings Collection is perfect for adding some metallic accents or sparkle to your business casual look! If you're more into a dainty vibe, our Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection is perfect for a little bling!

The Pantone Colors:  Ultimate Gray, Buttercup, Desert Mist
I'm obsessed with neutrals this spring! Adding Desert Mist to a neutral like Ultimate Gray is the perfect combo. If you'd like a pop of yellow, try Buttercup for a complete casual look!

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Lesson #2: Dream Vacation

Whether you're planning a staycation or a weekend getaway, this dazzling look will get you in the upscale, tropical mood

The Clothes: Bold & Tropical or Simple & Natural
Bird prints, palm leaves, tropical flowers – OH MY! Can you see yourself in bright, bold tropical prints? Or is a more subtle hint to a far-off place with rattan, raffia, and macramé more your style? The possibilities are endless. 

Maybe you’re drawn to comfort with simplistic patterns and powerful colors from nature. Think of utility pants with a drawstring closure or a simple A-line skirt that allows movement while still feeling ready for adventure. Bold colors like Burnt Coral will brighten your smile and lift your mood evoking feelings of peace and respite - just like a real vacation! No matter which way you take it, there’s a dreamy escape waiting for you. 

The Jewelry: Sunset Sightings Collection & Glimpses of Malibu Collection

When you bring out the Sunset Sightings Collection, you bring out fresh, funky, and bold trends. High-sheen gold accessories are a gorgeous complement to the bright, vibrant tropical colors of the Dream Vacation aesthetic without overwhelming the look. Play up the loud and vibrant side of Dream Vacation by layering gold bangles up the wrist or tap into the natural elements by pulling in a piece featuring wooden accents.

Incorporate unique materials into the look and lean into the whimsicality of the vacation vibe with the Glimpses of Malibu Collection. Earthy stones, light and dark wood tone beads, palm leaf patterns, and antiqued brass each add a nod to Mother Nature. Raise the stakes with unexpected macramé tassels and mandala-like patterns. Believe it or not, far away destinations are within reach from the comfort of your living room. 

The Pantone Colors:  French Blue, Raspberry Sorbet, Illuminating, Burnt Coral, Willow, Rust

Nothing says Dream Vacation more than bright colors like Raspberry Sorbet and French Blue. Add a pop of the Pantone Illuminating for a spectacular splash of sunshine. 

Surround yourself with colors pulled directly from nature like Willow, Rust, and Burnt Coral. Nature is the perfect prescription for a calm and relaxing retreat. 

Lesson #3: Garden Escape

Imagine a picturesque picnic under a large willow tree surrounded by miles of meadows filled with swaying green grass. Rolling hills are dotted with heavenly wildflowers and you hear the faint sound of a gurgling creek nearby. A gentle breeze catches the edge of your floral print skirt and gently tousles your hair. The sun warms your skin as you tuck a sweet-smelling bloom behind your ear. 

Garden Escape is just that, a time to slip away for a moment and forget about the cares of the world. Whimsical accents, decorative floral motifs, and pastel colors open a gateway to ethereal dreamscapes, femininity, and fun. 

The Clothes: Florals and Gingham
Garden Escape is all about whimsical floral prints and pastel colors. Dresses in lightweight fine cotton and dreamy sheers, like chiffon and crepe, add to the airy feeling of springtime. You might even find a row of pleats across the waistline that offers structure to a breezy skirt.

A gingham print might seem like an unexpected spring pattern, but it reminds us of nostalgic picnics in the park. Dominant shoulders like puff sleeves or shoulder pads will add a sturdy framework to the softer look of the gingham pattern, while mock necks and lace will pull in a vintage element to the outfit.

The Jewelry: Glimpses of Malibu and Simply Santa Fe

With its whimsical pastels and floral motifs, the Garden Escape trend speaks right to the heart of my Glimpses of Malibu fans. Pressed flowers encapsulated in a flirty pendant acknowledge the spring season, while simple silver bracelets engraved with blooms and vines remind us of fresh, new beginnings. Transform your outfits into the fanciful Garden Escape trend by incorporating chandelier earrings featuring clusters of dainty pearls and whimsical floral engraved silver bracelets. Airy frames and scrollwork allow for that free-spirited feeling to take flight. 

Although not traditionally typical of the Simply Santa Fe Collection, copper metals found in the collection this season will bring the head-in-the-clouds dreaminess of the Garden Escape trend back down to earth. You will even see floral motifs and scrollwork echoed throughout the Simply Santa Fe Collection in bold etched silver frames encasing colorful stones. 

The Pantone Colors:  Cerulean, Green Ash, Mint, Marigold, and Amethyst Orchid

Pastels like Cerulean, Green Ash, and Amethyst Orchid set the garden stage and subtly accent the bright and vibrant colors of Mint and Marigold.

Cerulean is reminiscent of baby blue and adds a playful element to pearly opalescent beads that are popular within the Glimpses of Malibu Collection. Amethyst Orchid is a soft Pantone that reminds us of our favorite springtime blooms. 

For the Garden Escape trend, we invite Mother Nature into the mix with two different greens. Green Ash is a color that will darken or lighten depending on what it’s paired with. Mint has a touch of Kelly Green in it; like brand new baby green grass. 

We add warmth to the Garden Escape trend with Marigold, an orange-yellow color that pulls it all together offering a bright glow of sunshine.


Lesson #4: #nofilter

#NoFilter is a trend that encourages you to create a look that truly expresses your attitude, individuality, or even a cause that is close to your heart—all through your clothing and accessories. It’s a trend that requires intention as you deliberately choose each piece to purposefully make a statement about who you are and what you stand for. 

The Clothes: Deconstructed Fabrics and Graphic T-Shirts

The #NoFilter spring trend is characterized by an edgy grunge look. Show off some attitude with daring graphic t-shirts emblazoned with bold letter print and unapologetic messaging. The use of hardware and metallic accents in clothing such as brads, buttons, and zippers help emphasize the “I was built for this,” attitude!

Try it for yourself by pairing the perfect tee with acid-washed denim and a trendy leather jacket loaded with hardware. Don’t be afraid to add in some deconstructed fabrics, cold shoulder tops, and crystal-studded mesh to the mix. Sequins and distressed jeans are welcome too – there are no rules here.

The Jewelry: Magnificent Musings

You may have noticed that much of the #NoFilter trend is a direct parallel to the vibe of the Magnificent Musings Collection – bold, unapologetic, and sassy. 

The #NoFilter trend delivers a massive attitude by way of the clothing, so we’ve brought in a more neutral color scheme with the accessories. Subtle pops of color are enough to proclaim your conviction, without going over the top. 

We’ve constructed a daring collision of gritty hardware and high-sheen glitz. Weighty oversized chains are balanced with polished gems. Hammered metals with lots of texture and linear patterns are fused with a spritz of glitzy rhinestones. And in true #NoFilter fashion, we’ve added unexpected elements into the designs like acrylic and colorful cording. 

Get ready to stand out and grab the world’s attention with stacks of bracelets and pops of bright color because this jewelry trend really packs a punch. 

The Pantone Colors:  Illuminating, French Blue, Ultimate Gray

The #NoFilter trend is all about making the world around us stand up and take notice. Along with the unexpected designs that include high sheens and lots of texture, we’ve added bold pops of color for breathtaking impact. 

The Pantone of Illuminating is just the color to do that. Illuminating is a brilliant, vibrant yellow with just a hint of green undertone. It’s not a neon or fluorescent color, but it is dynamic and energetic.

French Blue is a bright, crisp color that is both calming and invigorating. It is subtle yet captivating and pairs perfectly with gunmetal and silver.

Ultimate Gray is the quintessential neutral color to balance the vibrancy of Illuminating and French Blue. You’ll see this color come to life in jewelry components like leather and cording. It creates the perfect background to set off pops of red, Illuminating, and French Blue. 

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