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Independent Consultants get paid in three different ways!

#1 - Through your Paparazzi Website

Customers can purchase at any time through your FREE Paparazzi Website! You will be paid via a 45% commissions check at the end of each month.

#2 - Pocket the Profit

As a Paparazzi Consultant, you are able to purchase jewelry and accessories at a whole sale price of $2.75. When you sell the products at $5 each, you are able to pocket the remaining $2.25 in profit. (Although reporting to Paparazzi is not necessary, you will want to keep track of profits for tax purposes)

#3 - Your Down-line

Recruiting has major perks! You have the opportunity to earn commissions based on your team's performance. These commissions may be mailed by check or direct deposited. There is a minimum amount of $20 on commission payments, but no need to worry if your team does not hit the mark! The funds will roll into next month's commission check. For a breakdown of our down-line earning, visit our Leadership Page.

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