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What does Pv and "active" mean?


When you're in the Paparazzi world, you'll hear the term PV a LOT! PV stands for "Personal or Product Value."

This number is used by Paparazzi to determine whether or not a Consultant is active, and it is used to calculate commissions. 

Every piece of Paparazzi costs $2.75 wholesale and is worth 2 PV. 


An Active Paparazzi Consultant has at least 50 PV's in a calendar month. In other words, a Consultant needs to purchase 25 pieces in a month to be called Active. 

There are not monthly requirements to be a Consultant, but a Paparazzi Consultant may only receive bonuses and commissions on her down-line if she is in Active status.

There is also a yearly requirement of 200 PV to remain a Paparazzi Consultant.

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